1.      Experience

  • Our 50 plus years of construction sitework experience. With 3 generations still involved and a civil engineer on staff that has been with the Company for 27 years.

2.     Owners

  • That one or more of the Company Owners will be present on your construction site overseeing the work and actually performing many of the more critical tasks themselves.

3.    Local Soils Expertise

  • With decades of experience in local soils, Beyers Construction has amassed a thorough knowledge of soil mechanics and compaction techniques.  This allows us to anticipate potential problems, react to varying conditions and meet compaction requirements in a more productive manner. Less reworking means less downtime and a more comfortable schedule.
  • Immediately connecting with the soil testing technician and being able to speak his ‘language’ are keys to keeping the project moving forward. Beyers Construction has built a firm working relationship with many local soils engineers. The proper treatment of unstable soils and the use of proper compaction techniques to deal with these unique local soils will insure Beyers Construction delivers you a “high quality” completed project.

4.    Inexpensive Local Drying Agent

  • Beyers Construction retains exclusive rights to an inexpensive locally produced lime by-product which, when used as a drying agent, facilitates achieving compaction requirements in wet conditions and in winter months when others would be forced to import expensive Lime/By-product Lime at $80+/ton.


5.    Cut/Fill- Balancing

  • Ability and experience in “Balancing your job site” by adjusting the overall elevations and thereby minimizing the expensive costs associated with importing or exporting excessive and unnecessary volumes of soil.

6.    GPS

  • State of the art GPS machine control on 5 units, with Laser Augmentation option, provides for unmatched accuracy and production rates.

7.    In-house/Same-day DTM’s

  • Beyers Construction has the ability to create digital terrain models “in-house”.  We can take plan changes from the engineer, alter the digital terrain model in our own office, e-mail it to the superintendent and have the new plans guiding the machine on site the same day.

8.    Financial Stability

  • Financial Stability reflected in our long term relationships with our Bank of over 30 years, Insurance Agent of over 40 years and Bonding Company of 25 years with current Surety of 16 years securing an approved line to $20,000,000.

9.    Safety

  • Beyers Construction Safety Record. No OSHA recordables since 2005. Experience Mod = .90 

10.   Hard Working

  • Our “NO EXCUSES” work ethic which will assure you a quality project, which is completed on time and often under budget!